The Gift of Being of Service: Celebrating Four Years of Kate Daigle Counseling!

For the past several weeks, I have been practicing the 21-day meditation challenge Expanding Your Happiness, presented by the Chopra Center (a great *free* resource to help you get in a daily meditation routine!).  This experience has been very beneficial for me in helping to set intentions and practice mindfulness every day with a topic that is relevant to expanding my own inner happiness.

As I listened to today’s meditation topic, “Being of Service”, I felt a deep resonance within me as Deepak Chopra described the immense personal and global benefits of being of service to others:

“When you are living the happiness that comes from your Being, serving others isn’t an obligation.  It’s not about feeling like you’re a better person or raising your image in the eyes of others.  Something deeper happens because in serving others, at the soul level, you are serving yourself.”


This Friday, August 29th, marks the four year anniversary of the day I founded my business, Kate Daigle Counseling, LLC. Happy birthday KDC!!  Kate Daigle Counseling is flourishing and growing each year and I’m so very happy for this success!

I cannot believe it has been four years since the day I signed the Articles of Organization and while every day I am struck with gratitude for my work, this week I am especially mindful and appreciative of the gift I have received.  Being able to be present for others, to support them in their pain, to offer hope that there is light in their tunnel, and to observe the immense courage and resiliency that it takes to find peace and inner serenity gives me a feeling of deep personal joy that I have never before experienced.

I truly relate to Deepak’s words — as I am able to serve others, I connect deeply with a value of my own, a value of Acts of Service.  Through performing this act, I offer myself a gift that I could not find anywhere else.  Giving back, giving to others through my time, my presence, my ability to offer empathy and hope, allows me to continue to feel full and hopeful even amidst a world of pain and suffering.  I also wish this for you and for everyone I meet.

So, I am filled with gratitude, can you tell? 🙂  Here is my gratitude list as I reflect on the past four years of owning and operating Kate Daigle Counseling:

  • my clients, who allow me to bear witness to their authenticity, their flaws, their pain, and their hope, and who allow me to support them as they find healing
  • clinicians, doctors, friends, business owners in other areas, or anyone who has trusted me enough to refer a person to me whom I can help.  This referral is the highest compliment to my competency and I thank you.
  • teachers and trainers who offer their wisdom and knowledge so I can further my own learning.
  • those who have challenged me personally and professionally to look at my own areas for growth and who have held me accountable to my commitment be the most authentic, ethical, motivated, and passionate counselor I can be.
  • life circumstances which have challenged me down to the very core of my being and forced me to recognize my own strength, allowing me to truly relate to some of the struggles my clients go through each and every day.
  • my “failures”, which are not so bad and have given me the courage to grow in ways I might not have before.
  • Brene Brown, who has helped me and many of my clients to recognize the power of vulnerability
  • colleagues and supervisors who provide consultation and support as I continue to grow and learn
  • my blog readers and followers on social media who offer their own unique ideas and stories akin to experiences they have had that can foster a sense of community

Someone who had been struggling to overcome emotional and mindless eating for decades just recently described to me an epiphany she had, one that was also testament to how hard she has worked in her own recovery:  “eat” is embedded in the word “create”! So, whenever we feel that inner restlessness and want to turn to food, we can ask ourselves: is this physical hunger or emotional hunger?  And if it’s emotional hunger, instead of eating something that won’t truly nourish us, we can use that inner energy to create something that feels fun and personal and channel our emotions and needs in ways that actually work! A piece of art? A poem? A garden? A conversation?  What else is possible? What can you create?

I thought this was SO COOL, and just continues to feed that vein of passion I have for exploring healing and recovery in ways that are fun, authentic, and truly nourishing.

So, as I embark on the next four years of Kate Daigle Counseling and helping people find their inner voice and path, I thank YOU, my readers, for supporting me and allowing me to have this outlet to share the things I’m excited about 🙂

To celebrate KDC’s birthday, I will be unveiling in the next couple of weeks a refreshed website layout with oodles of more resources and information for people, new services such as supervision, and announcing a new FREE body image group to begin in October!  Please sign up for my mailing list and follow me on Facebook or Twitter if you have not already!  I welcome collaborating and connection with other mental health professionals and would love to meet with you in person to learn about your work as well.


In the spirit of gratitude, what are five things that you are grateful for today?   I invite you to share in the comments below!