6 Tips to Get You Out of Your Rut and Energize Your Career MoJo for 2016

Welcome to my three part Busting Holiday Stress for Busy People blog series!  Today brings part one of a topic that I find is super important to focus on as the holiday season approaches: setting boundaries, taking care of yourself, and remembering what the holidays mean to you without losing your mind.  Sound like a tall order? Ha! Maybe.  But I’m here to help you get through it. . . while not feeling like you are completely out of control.

Today’s blog post topic is how to revitalize your career for the new year.  Next week I’ll help you prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving break from work — how are you going to get it all done before leaving for the holiday break??  And finally, I’ll guide you in how to cope with all of the snacks and sweets that your coworkers bring in to the office during this time.  No, you don’t have to avoid the staff kitchen for the next two months!

Read on for Post #1 and keep your eyes open next Tuesday for the next installment. . .


6 Tips to Get You Out of Your Rut and Energize Your Career MoJo for 2016


1.) Forget everything about the “how” you do things (marketing, to-do’s, goals, etc),

and reconnect with the WHY you do what you do.

Reflect back on that moment where you knew which career was for you. How does that speak to you now?


2.) Look at the relationships in your life: with food, with sleep, with your partner, with your family, with work, with YOURSELF. Make a list of how you would like to find more balance and meaning in these areas – where you are feeling fulfilled and where you feel something is missing.


3.) Shred your to-do list into a thousand tiny pieces. Practice mindfulness by doing a body scan and reconnect with the place in your body that holds the WHY to your career – the meaning of it all. Start a new to-do list from that place.


4.) Ask your best friend/mentor/partner to tell you the 5 things they see as your strengths in your career and the 5 places where you could grow. Use these as templates for goal-setting in 2016.


5.) Envision your self and your business at the END of 2016. How do you want to feel/think about those things?   What would you like to be able to say about yourself in 2016? Journal about this for 15 minutes.


6.) Make a list of 100 Pieces of Gratitude. Write the numbers 1-100 on a piece of paper. Begin writing a list of things you have been grateful for in 2015. They don’t have to be complete sentences and it’s okay if there is some repetition (this actually is part of the process). When you are done, read the list. Gratitude is a gift that begs to be shared and can help us reconnect with our values, or passion, and (re)ignite our fire.


Want to download your own free copy of this list to share around?  Find it here.

What else would you add to this list to rejuvenate your career mojo? Leave a comment below!