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Kate B. Daigle, MA, NCC, LPC

Body Dysmorphia Counseling

What is Body Dysmorphia?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (or BDD) is a body-image disorder characterized by persistent and intrusive preoccupations with an imagined or slight defect in one’s appearance.  This is also characterized by consistent comparisons of one’s body or body parts to other people’s bodies.

We all have things that we don’t particularly like about our bodies at times — a crooked nose, oily skin prone to acne, a unique way of smiling.  We may fret about these imperfections, but they don’t interfere in a significant way with our daily functioning.  People with BDD take this common dislike to an extreme and can spend hours and hours each day fixated on this part (or parts) of their body, to an extent that they are not living their lives in an enjoyable way.  They may have a ritual of repeatedly checking in the mirror or staying in the bathroom for hours obsessing about how this part of their body looks.  They may avoid social situations due to a perceived imperfection about this part of their body, and this obsession begins to affect their self-esteem and self worth.

I am here to help.  If you can relate to some of the symptoms of BDD, call me for a free consultation.  I typically work with BDD using mindfulness practices to soothe the anxiety that comes with this preoccupation with the body.  Then we will work to understand what issues or experiences have contributed to this obsession with the body part and work on acceptance of your body and your whole self.

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I know you can be free of Body Dysmorphia, as I have helped many people do so!  You are not alone and with some experienced, empathetic help you can get your life back and thrive!

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