Don’t Finish Your To-Do List Before You Leave for Thanksgiving

Don’t Finish Your To-Do List Before You Leave for Thanksgiving

6 Tips to Take Care of Yourself to Prevent Undue Stress Over the Holidays

You have arrived at part 2 to my three part blog series: Busting Holiday Stress for Busy People.  Last week we talked about how to revitalize your career mojo for 2016 (and how to take precious gems from 2015 with you!).

Today we begin talking about stress around work and Thanksgiving, (something we can all relate to) and how to manage IT so it doesn’t steamroll YOU.  Stay tuned next Tuesday for the final installment which will hone in on coping with stress around all of the food at work, at home, at parties — and how to not self-sabotage so you can enjoy every bite!


Thanksgiving is right around the corner — a holiday that can often trigger feelings of overwhelm and anxiety about food, family and body image.  Instead of stressing out about everything you need to do before making your famous cranberry sauce, how about reconsidering your expectations instead?  The effect it can have on your overall health can be astounding. Try this:

1.) Tell that Critic in your head to take a hike. Most of us put undue pressure on ourselves to be excellent at everything. All this does is add stress and increase the expectations from ourselves and others. Try to find one area at work and one area at home where you can declare that “you don’t need to be perfect and ‘good enough’ really is good enough”.

2.) Disable your phone. Or at least your work email. Make a pact to turn it off on Wednesday and not check it again until Sunday night or Monday morning.

3.) Review your to-do list – do you really need to do all of that? Chances are, most people are out of the office this week anyway. Prioritize, and find three things you can leave until after the break.

4.) Don’t skip meals. Feel compelled to go on a diet to ‘prepare’ for the big day of eating? Starving yourself days or hours before will only put you at more risk for overeating and feeling guilty later. (Not to mention the toll that will take on your body and your mind).   If you notice you feel out of control with food restriction or overeating, consult a qualified professional counselor. There are resources and techniques that can help you feel much happier and at ease with food and body image.

5.) Invest in fancy bubble bath salts or grab your best friend for a coffee date (no work chatter allowed!) How you spend your time and money reflects in what you value and sends a message to others. How are you going to be able to deal with your mother if you haven’t taken care of your own needs first?

6.) Reflect on last year. Was all of the stress of “trying to get it all done” the week before Thanksgiving really worth it? How can you help yourself out this year: What can you say ‘no’? Where can you say “I need help”?

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What else would you share with others about how to bust stress before Thanksgiving so that you can have the best possible chance of enjoying the holiday in your own way?  Share below!