End Your Struggle with Food, Your Body, and Your Self and Feed Your True Hunger for a Peaceful Life

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he Clinical Guide to 
Fertility, Motherhood,
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Nourishing Wisdom for Eating Disorder Recovery
Kate B. Daigle, MA, NCC, LPC

You don’t have to be hard on yourself anymore—a more joyful life is possible. There is hope!

Have you spent a lifetime trying to achieve your to-do list, but cannot seem to get to everything on your plate? If you answered ‘yes’, you may be like many successful women and other over-achievers who experience this stress and also have a deep anxiety about food and body image. You don’t have to feel out of control and dissatisfied with yourself or suffer in this way!

Does it feel like there’s never enough time or that you can’t show up in the way you really want to? Let me help you discover how to make choices that allow you to feel confident, authentic and successful without punishing yourself. Let’s tell that Critic voice in your head who is truly the CEO of your life – YOU – and you deserve to feel worthy and full.

It is possible to nourish your body and soul and to truly enjoy life while you’re doing it – and you have most of the answers already inside of you. You may just need new tools and new support to make the changes you desire in your relationship with food, your body and yourself. Unlike trying to struggle through on your own or make sense of sometimes overwhelming and contradictory self-help advice, I can bring professional experience and expertise to work with you and find a path to new possibilities that is uniquely matched to you, your life, and what you want and need.

My name is Kate Daigle and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist who has passionately been helping women heal their relationship with food and themselves since 2007. I have personally recovered from a self-destructive relationship with food and can now confidently state that I truly enjoy eating as a form of nourishment and self-care and enjoy a healthy body image. I know you can too! To read more abour taming that inner critic, read my recent blog on “Should’ing on yourself” here.

Experienced and Empathetic Eating Disorder and Body Image Recovery Counseling

Try this:

Close your eyes and envision a life where every breath you take comes not from a place of deprivation or scarcity, but from a home of nourishment, embodiment and abundance. Together, we will empower you to live a full and meaningful life free from the emotional and physical pain of food, body image, or disordered eating struggles. In my career as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS) and through my clinical training and experiences, I have deepened my understanding of why so many people feel disconnected with their bodies and themselves at some point in their lifetime.  Using empathy, authenticity, honesty, hope, and evidence-based techniques, I follow my life’s passion to help others recover from these devastating struggles and to find inner peace. Now is your opportunity to find the healing that you deserve and I will provide support, guidance, and clarity as we navigate the path back to your true self!  Help for recovery from eating disorders and poor body image is one step away!

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Overcome Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and Addictions

Sometimes we get stuck in rigid, unhealthy coping patterns that make us feel frustrated and unfulfilled.  How did we get so far away from ourselves in the first place? We all experience difficult emotions such as shame and guilt and must learn how to cope with them in a healing and mindful way so that we can focus on what truly matters to us. I can help you get there. Other areas of passion and expertise where I provide therapeutic support include:

  • trauma or post-traumatic stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • identity development and repair
  • relationship problems with a partner or family member
  • life transition adjustments
  • addiction
  • sexual abuse survivors
  • anger management
  • parenting challenges
  • grief and loss
  • gay and lesbian issues
  • communication in relationships
  • family of origin work

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Find recovery from eating disorders with body, mind, and spirit aligning in harmony and wellness!


Kate Daigle Counseling, LLC is a Safe Zone.  Everyone who contacts or meets with us will be respected and accepted.